High Stakes Live Roulette Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart, But It’s Definitely A Thrill

The players in the world of online casino roulette can be divided into two, those who like to take risks and those who don’t. But first, what is a risk? Basically, it means taking a step beyond the ordinary, often for no reason other than the thrill. Why do some people love participating in dangerous sports, bungee jumping or sky diving when they don’t have to? They get a big buzz of adrenaline and an enormous thrill of satisfaction for having done it. Many people who enjoy playing online roulette are content enough to play for low stakes and stay within their limits. Like the bungee jumper, the online roulette risk taker needs that adrenaline kick to make it all worthwhile and of course, the rewards are so much greater.

Online Casino Roulette

For more than two centuries the game of roulette has had a fascinating hold over players. With an ever increasing reputation for wealth and glamour, fast cars and diamonds, the rewards of a champagne lifestyle are there for those who can withstand the thrills and spills of playing high stakes roulette. Many would probably never set foot in a real bricks and mortar casino, but with online UK roulette sites growing by the day, the risk taker can indulge in an adrenaline thrill in the comfort of their own home. Everyone usually begins by playing at an ordinary online roulette site where the maximum limit is around £1,000. Some sites can offer £5,000 but these are more difficult to find. Of course, online casino roulette sites, like their real life counterparts, have to set a limit to ensure they can pay out, but the risk taker likes to be more original than that. The format of randomly generated winning numbers displayed on a cold hearted screen lacks appeal for them because the risk taker, like James Bond, appreciates an audience.

High Stakes Roulette

High stakes roulette has limits from £10,000 to £500,000 that are guaranteed to make the nerves jangle. Implementing betting systems, such as the Martingale strategy, where bets are progressively doubled, needs the freedom of high stakes roulette. The best place to find a thrilling high stakes roulette game is at a live dealer roulette site. With live streaming in super quality HD and a genuine roulette wheel that’s spun in real time by a living dealer, a live dealer roulette game is the next best thing to being in an actual casino and adds more than an extra layer of excitement. That vital interaction that every risk taker craves is there too, as they can type messages and instructions to the dealer and to other players. The dealer can read the messages on their own screen and respond by talking directly to the player via the camera. Some online casino roulette providers have just one table per studio while others have several. Online UK roulette sites with live dealer games are becoming increasingly popular, so there is plenty of scope for the risk taker to find one that suits them.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealers in online UK roulette sites are experienced enough to know how to create a good rapport with their clients and it is this interaction which makes the experience of playing for high stakes roulette even more enjoyable. The dealer is responsible for all aspects of the game from greeting players to congratulating winners. Many risk takers like to test their skill in judging the spin of an individual roulette wheel which ultimately determines where the ball will eventually land. With cameras providing wide studio shots and those all important close ups of the wheel as it spins, online players won’t miss out on any of the action. New players usually receive a generous welcome bonus upon registering, but the amount varies depending on the individual online casino roulette site. For loyal players there is the chance to play at a VIP table and for those who need those really big high roller thrills, there is an exclusive table where maximum limits can reach £500,000. Chips are set at £50, £100 and £500 and are placed by using the online console panel. Playing high stakes roulette with a live dealer isn’t for everyone, but for the risk taker, all too aware of the huge sums involved, the thrilling excitement of waiting for the wheel to come to a standstill is worth every heart stopping moment.