How to play double ball roulette and win – Strategy and tips for the newbie player

The main objective of double ball roulette is identifying where two balls will fall on the numbers on the wheel. Once the time has expired for placing the bet, it only takes a short time for the balls to rest on one or two numbered pockets.

How to play double ball roulette

Players can play double ball roulette the same was as regular roulette; the only difference is that you will be using two balls. In online game rooms, most platforms use different kinds of software like Felt software that has a single-zero wheel. But how are the balls ideally placed to avoid knocking on each other? On the physical roulette, there is usually compressed air that is used to shoot the balls to the wheel at almost the same time, keeping the balls moving at the same speed at a distance from the other.

When you look at the betting layout on the double ball roulette, it is the same as the original one. When it comes to the inside bets, there are two chances of winning, although the payouts are now lower. On the outside bets, a player can win more when both balls win. A player can also bet on both balls to land on a single number.

Rules of playing double ball roulette

  • There are two balls in the game.
  • A double-zero or single zero wheel is used.
  • For you to win on outside bets, both balls have to succeed. For instance, if you bet on black win, both balls have to land on a black number.
  • One of the two balls has to succeed if you want to win on the inside bets. If both balls succeed in their outcome, then the player will have a double win.
  • To win the double ball jackpot, both balls have to land on the identified number.
  • You will use a remote control to activate the air gun to launch both balls. The balls are not embedded on the wheel by the dealer.
  • You can place a bet that has both black and red colours.

Roulette Strategy and double ball roulette tips

When you get to any game, you have to go expecting the highest possible return. For the double-zero wheel, you need to go for the inside bets which are the best bets. Place the bets on a single digit with a 5.33% edge on the house. When you look at the two and three number bets, they are not that bad, as they stand with an edge of 5.54% and 5.89% respectively.

Just to make it clear, the house edge is usually low at 5.26% when it comes to the standard double-zero roulette. But this is 0.07% shy of the single number double ball roulette inside bet.

Just like in any game, luck plays a huge part. But in your case, what you need to do is to ensure that the bets you place have the lowest house edge. In our case, a house edge of 2.78% is on the single number inside bet. If you find it highly volatile, 2.99% is on the double number inside bet, which is slightly higher.

The double ball roulette online

Just like the traditional version, the online wheel has 38 divisions that include the numbers 1 through 36. The same betting format is also reflected on the online wheel.


There are very many ways you can play double ball roulette depending on how you decide to place the bets. But in the end, it will depend on the luck you get during the playing session. Remember that there is a 1,300 to 1 payout possibility that can change your life in an instant.