Martingale Roulette System – Can it work and what if you reverse it?

The reverse martingale system is one of the oldest gambling strategies that date back to the 16th century where it was known to as basset. It has been taken up in today’s gaming world, and it’s now used in playing games such as baccarat and roulette.

How the system works

The martingale system isn’t all that complicated since the betting is based on colours. Each colour comes with 18 numbers, but 0 does not represent any colour. For instance, if you decide to place a bet on black or red when 0 comes up then you don’t stand a chance at winning. When playing on the system, you are required to bet on the lowest amount on whichever colour you settle for.

If the cheapest bet is €1, then it means that your winning is €1 given that you double up for deciding on the right colour on the roulette. In this system, players work their way to a substantially large winning, but the theory is only applicable if the players follow a set guideline which when broken can lead to massive losses.

The idea behind the system is that the losses and winnings come in streaks and if you bet less on the losing streak and more on the winning streak you are more likely to arrive at the top. In fact, most people believe that the martingale system is one of the most stable and safest systems, but it’s important to note that not everything is at seems.

Strategies for playing at the reverse martingale system

Although the system might appear to be simple player are still required to come up with strategies to play it right. Here are some of the standard approaches you can take advantage of.

The three steps reverse martingale

If you are planning to play on the safer side, then the three step reverse martingale strategy should be your preferred option. First of all, you need to limit the progression on how you place your bet for at least three concurrent games before you can proceed to play with the lowest bid. However, it’s important to note that the system works perfectly for players who have a winning streak and you can fail if you don’t have enough winnings. What’s more, using this less-aggressive approach means that you stand a better chance at of making more profit.

The all out aggression

This method is risky, but it can yield great rewards since it takes advantage of an all-or-nothing kind of play style. This means that players will keep doubling their bet during each winning streak until they have made enough money to leave the game. Come to think of it there is also a possibility that players might end up having a losing streak and this means that they can lose a lot of money.

Other modifications

For those who are not into the double up progression then there are other different changes such as the Fibonacci sequence. Although this amendment isn’t fast rewarding especially if you double up your winning you still don’t stand a chance at losing everything in one spin.

Advantages of the Reverse martingale system

One of the biggest benefits of the system is that you wouldn’t lose everything at once. Additionally, losing streaks aren’t a big concern given that you will only be required to wager on the minimum amount. Also, when you double up at the martingale system you will be using the casino money in some way, and this means that your starting price will stay intact until you win. If you win consecutively, then your profits add up quickly. Also, the systems safety and overall simplicity make it one of the friendliest systems for newbies.

Disadvantages of the martingale system

If you plan to use the system you should brace yourself for a losing streak. Players also need to understand that the odds will not always be in their favour since the even bets come with a winning percentage of about 48.6 due to the green zero slot. If you are using the roulette betting system, your chances are even lower since it features two zeros.

This means that you might lose a lot of games, but you don’t stand a chance at losing a lot of cash since you are wagering on the lowest possible amount. The other disadvantage is that it only takes a single loss to clean out all your profits. That’s why it’s crucial to know when to stop which most people don’t know how to do.